Month: March 2020

Dario Bellezza – Le trombe squilleranno

George Underwood, Obviously six believers, 2010 Le trombe squillerannol’incubo sordoallora forse ti rivedrònon più di carnecon un altro al latoorgoglioso passerò senza salutinessuno più ci presenteràil vituperio assordantesilenzioso impazzirài nostri detriti cervellidissepolti per l’ultima coltain un’apocalisse irrisolta. Do you know this poem in English? Please contact me Go back to album – Dario Bellezza

Dario Bellezza – To Pier Paolo Pasolini

William Blake, Cerberus, c. 1827 I wander between extortion and punches, firingmy half-empty and sinful soul,and my forsaken crucifixion aloneknows who I am: spy and blackmailerwho hates his fellowmen. I don’t find peace in this wretched fightagainst my ruin and its destruction.God! I just wait for death.I’m unaware of the events of history. I only knowthe …

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Dario Bellezza – Appunti / Notes

Édouard Manet, Luncheon in the studio, 1868 Love doesn’t fire me up.Pain doesn’t charm me anymore.My life is merciless.Days go by andmy lost soul screams.Maybe youthhappens while walking.In the dark of nightthe storm is heardin tears.That night at the table, to dieI decided to never write again,but to remember by livingthe past loves.Who lives on …

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Giuseppe Conte – Sei così bella questa sera / You are so beautiful tonight

Gleb Aleksander Ilyin, Nocturne, 1941 You are so beautiful tonight so incredibly happy that I should dare now,  I should immediately slip  down your large and white shirt through which I glimpse your breast and make love with you here, in the garden, make love with you till early morning. But after kissing we start …

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