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Charles Bukowski – Ultime Volontà e Testamento / Last Will and Testament

Dino Valls, Vera Icon, 2007 You stop agonizing for a while thinking that maybe life’s true essence has risen to the top (temporarily)  or that a minor decency, a minor sensibility has taken a gentle hold. but it’s illusion, all illusion: the crap is still crap, the old structure remains firmly in place, you’re going to have to  endure the same hollow ghosts of love, the same cardboard faces,the same eyelesseyes,the old dark,the …

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Fyodor Dostoevsky – Demons

Anthony Richard Tiffin (b. 1936), The alchemist Life is pain, life is fear, and man is unhappy. Now all is pain and fear. Now man loves life because he loves pain and fear. L’uomo ama la vita, che è dolore e angoscia, perchè ama l’angoscia e il dolore. Go back to album – Quotes

Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon, Second Version of Triptych (Detail), 1944 I wanted to paint the scream more than the horror. La carne… lo spirito… dipingere il grido, anziché l’orrore. Go back to album – Quotes

Dario Bellezza – Le trombe squilleranno

George Underwood, Obviously six believers, 2010 Le trombe squillerannol’incubo sordoallora forse ti rivedrònon più di carnecon un altro al latoorgoglioso passerò senza salutinessuno più ci presenteràil vituperio assordantesilenzioso impazzirài nostri detriti cervellidissepolti per l’ultima coltain un’apocalisse irrisolta. Do you know this poem in English? Please contact me Go back to album – Dario Bellezza

Dario Bellezza – To Pier Paolo Pasolini

William Blake, Cerberus, c. 1827 I wander between extortion and punches, firingmy half-empty and sinful soul,and my forsaken crucifixion aloneknows who I am: spy and blackmailerwho hates his fellowmen. I don’t find peace in this wretched fightagainst my ruin and its destruction.God! I just wait for death.I’m unaware of the events of history. I only knowthe …

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