Month: July 2019

Guillaume Apollinaire – Southward

Gaston de Latouche (1854-1913), Lovers and swans, The autumn walk Zenithall those regretsthose endless gardenswhere the toad modulates a tender cry of azurethe doe of bewildered silence moves quickly passa nightingale wounded by love sings upon the roses of your body  whose roses I have gatheredour hearts hang together from the same pomegranate treeand the pomegranate flowershatched …

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Guillaume Apollinaire – Twilight

Konstantin Somov, Masquerade, 1902 Brushed by the shadows of the deadOn the grass where day expiresColumbine strips bare admires her body in the pond insteadA charlatan of twilight formedBoasts of the tricks to be performedThe sky without a stain unmarredIs studded with the milk-white starsFrom the boards pale HarlequinFirst salutes the spectatorsSorcerers from BohemiaFairies sundry …

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Guillaume Apollinaire – The Farewell

John William Waterhouse, Ophelia, 1889 I’ve gathered this sprig of heatherAutumn is dead you will rememberOn earth we’ll see no more of each otherFragrance of time sprig of heatherRemember I wait for you forever Ho colto questo filo di brughieraricordati che l’autunno è mortonon ci vedremo più sulla terraodore del tempo filo di brughieraricorda ancora …

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