New Museology, digital collection and new media art

Can new media affect museums, the fruition and the creation of art? Are audience expectations and participation changing with the advent of new media? New media transcend geographical boundaries, increase the volume and speed of communication, and bring interactions to a highly interconnected and complex level (Feldman, 1997; Russell Neuman, 1991). Some viewpoints seem to …

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Aesthetics, new media and phenomenology

Aesthetics, new media and phenomenology  Phenomenology provides valuable insights to articulate the nature and experience of newmedia (Richardson, 2005, 2007; Heinzel et al., 2010; Majkut and Carrillo Canán, 2010).Phenomenology is a philosophical movement started by Edmund Husserl (1913; 1931)during the first decades of the 20th Century and further developed by different researchapproaches and philosophical doctrines …

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What is Digital Learning?

What is digital learning? New technologies have an impact on teaching and learning in terms of content, methodology, timing and space. Any type of learning that uses or is facilitated by technology is described as digital learning, which so encompasses concepts as online learning or e-learning [1]Warschauer, 2007; Luckin et al, 2011.Digital learning provides higher …

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