Vincenzo Cardarelli – Ritratto / Portrait

Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring, c. 1665

There exists a carved mouth.
The face of an angel, luminous and obscure.
An opulent, pallid creature.
By the teeth of pearl,
by their fleeting imprint, it exists: 
 his smile.
Aerial, dubious, clear. 
An inexpressible demonstration of light.

(Transl. by W. Chambliss)

Esiste una bocca scolpita,
un volto d’angiolo chiaro e ambiguo,
una opulenta creatura pallida
dai denti di perla,
dal passo spedito,
esiste il suo sorriso,
aereo, dubbio, lampante,
come un indicibile evento di luce.