Octavio Paz – Parole / Words

Jackson Pollock, Guardians of the secrets, 1943

 Go at it again,
 fling them around,
give it to them,
let them bitch, the whores,
whip them,
put sugar in their mouths,
blow them up, globes, pinch them,
suck their blood and marrow,
dry them up,
cut their balls,
cover them, cock of the walk,
wring their necks, cook,
pluck them,
rip their guts out, bull,
drag them down, bullock,
make them, poet,
make them eat their own words.

afferrale per la coda (strillate, puttane),
metti zucchero in bocca alle recalcitranti,
gonfiale, palloni, bucale,
succhiagli il sangue e il midollo,
montale, gallo galante,
torcigli il collo, cuoco,
strippale, toro,
bue, trascinale,
falle, poeta,
fa’ che si inghiottano tutte le loro parole.