Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch)- Non al suo amante piú Diana piacque / Diana was never more pleasing

Andrea Schiavone, Diana and Actaeon, 1559

Diana was never more pleasing to her lover,
when, by a stroke of fate, he saw her naked,
shown in the deep pool of icy water,
than I was by the mountain shepherdess,
standing there to wash her delightful veil,
that keeps blonde, lovely hair from the wind’s stress,
so that, now heaven’s fires overspill,
she made me tremble with an amorous chill.

Non al suo amante piú Diana piacque,
quando per tal ventura tutta ignuda
la vide in mezzo de le gelide acque,
ch’a me la pastorella alpestra et cruda
posta a bagnar un leggiadretto velo,
ch’a l’aura il vago et biondo capel chiuda,
tal che mi fece, or quand’egli arde ’l cielo,
tutto tremar d’un amoroso gielo.