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Federico Garcia Lorca – Useless song

Rene Magritte, The collective invention, 1934

Future rose and temperate vein
Amethyst of yesterday and breeze of now,
I want to forget them!
Man and fish in their elements, under floating things,
Awaiting their night in the seaweed or in the chair,
I want to forget them!
Myself alone!
Tinkering at a salver
which will not bear my head.
Myself alone!

Rosa futura e vena contenuta,
ametista di ieri e brezza dell’ adesso,
voglio dimenticarle!
Uomo e pesce in quei regni, sotto le cose
a galla
aspettando nell’ alga o seduti la notte,
voglio dimenticarli!
Solo io!
Forgiando il vassoio
dove non finirà la mia testa.
Solo io!