About Books of Art

Welcome to Books of Art – a unique and eclectic way to look at Poetry and Art.

Based on 7 handwritten notebooks, Books of Art narrates Poetry through Art.

Books of Art believes in the transformative power of culture, and so aims to share and promote Art and to inspire creativity, as well as new translations.

Art can make us think or smile, change our day. Sometimes, it can even change our beliefs, perspectives, or points of view. Art never leaves us indifferent. Each of us has a special and specific relationship with Art, also when we don’t know or we won’t have one. What we feel when we casually bump into Art can be hardly described or recognised. With Art we can intend any creative activities raising emotional responses and ideas, such as painting, music, literature, dance, etc.

Books of Art is an academic project based on the homonymous Facebook page which I created in 2014 to share the poems I have been collecting on seven handwritten notebooks over the years. The poems collected don’t follow any kind of order and have been chosen as inspiring for different reasons. I associate artworks to poems in order to visually envision the text and its meaning in a multidisciplinary and digital perspective. Details can be found in the Education section.